Sta-Clean Coil Coat - Bacterial Control Agent


Safe and easy-to-use, bacterial control agent. Offers continuous protection from fouling. Eliminates odours and improves indoor air quality.



A safe and easy-to-use, water-based cooling coil anti-foulant coating. It continuously protects coils from fouling caused by airborne particulate and other contaminates for up to one year by forming a microscopically thin coating over the coil surface. Sta-Clean Coil Coat can help improve system efficiency and assist in reducing the risks associated with poor indoor air quality. It’s also effective for use as a condensate pan coating along with Sta-Clean Pan strips


Directions for Use

Ensure coil is thoroughly clean and dry before application. Shake well before use. Spray coil from intake side, leaving air flow on to aid complete penetration. Dampen entire surface. Turn system off for at least 30 minutes and allow to dry thoroughly before turning system back on. Keep liquid out of electrical components. Should the coil require cleaning, Coilox or 4X are both recommended, depending on level of cleaning required. Refer product bulletin for further instructions.


Pack Size

1 Litre trigger pack.


Safety Information

This product is not considered a dangerous goods under current ADG regulations. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear eye protection and gloves when using. First Aid: If skin or eye contact occurs wash thoroughly with water. If symptoms persist, seek medical attention. Refer to the SDS for further information.