Rust-Bloc - Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor


Corrosion and scale inhibitor containing a copper specific inhibitor. Compatible with non-oxidising biocides.



Rust-Bloc is an effective corrosion and scale inhibitor for open recirculating cooling water systems. Rust-Bloc also gives excellent corrosion protection in closed condenser loop, chilled and low temperature heating hot water circuit systems.


Directions for Use

Open cooling water systems
Initial dose: 500mL of Rust-Bloc per 1000L of water. Maintenance dose: 300mL of Rust-Bloc per 1000L of water.

Closed circuit systems
Maintain between 1500mL to 2500mL of Rust-Bloc per 1000L of system water.

Monitor Rust-Bloc by testing the level of Sodium Nitrite and multiple by two. Consult a HydroChem representative for specific recommendations for your application.


Pack Size

5 Litres


Related Products

Water treatment of small cooling tower systems should include a secondary biocide and inhibitor program. The use of Bio-Bloc is recommended. Refer to product bulletin instructions.


Safety Information

Corrosive. May produce severe burns. Attacks skin and eyes. Wear eye protection and gloves when using or mixing. First Aid: For advice contact the Poisons Information Centre. Phone 131126 (Australia) or a doctor at once. If swallowed do NOT induce vomiting. If in eyes hold eyelids apart and flush the eye continuously with water until advised to stop by Poisons information centre or doctor, or for at least 15 minutes. If contact with skin or hair occurs, remove contaminated clothing and flush skin or hair with running water. Refer to the SDS for further information.