Coilox - Coil Cleaner Detergent


For light to moderate cleaning. No rinsing required. Cleans and deodorises to increase system efficiency.
Non-acidic and non-toxic.



Coilox is a concentrated coil cleaning product ideal for light to moderate cleaning. It effectively cleans dirty evaporator and chilled water coils in one easy step. Coilox is fast acting with no rinsing required, saving you time. Dirt and contaminates simply wash away with condensate. The thin detergent film that remains resists adherence of airborne particulates and other contaminates to maintain a clean coil and fin surface longer. If coils are heavily fouled it is recommended to use either 4X or Coilkleen. To extend time between cleans, the use of Sta-Clean Coil Coat and Sta-Clean Pan Strips is recommended. Refer to product bulletin for instructions.


Directions for Use

MUST BE RINSED IF USED NEAT. Dilute 200mL of Coilox per 1L water. Turn system off. Spray coil thoroughly using a low pressure sprayer. Wait 5 minutes and resume normal operation. Generally, rinsing is not required as the foam is drawn through the coil dislodging dirt and contaminates, which will wash away with condensate. If the coil has a build up of mould or fungi, it is recommended to schedule cleaning outside of hours of occupation as excessive mould and fungi can cause odour.


Pack Size

5 Litres


Product Tips

It is not recommended to use Coilox to clean heavily fouled coils as an odour may be omitted from the unit during the cleaning process. It is recommended if the coil is heavily fouled, to use an alternate HydroBalance product such as 4X or Coilkleen. Once the coil is clean, system efficiency can be improved by using HydroBalance Sta-Clean Coil Coat to coat the coil and keep it free from contaminates. HydroBalance Sta-Clean Condensate Pan Strips could also be considered. Refer to the SDS for further information.


Safety Information

Avoid contact with skin and eyes. First Aid: For advice contact the Poisons Information Centre. Phone 131126 (Australia) or a doctor at once. If swallowed do NOT induce vomiting. If in eyes hold eyelids apart and flush the eye continuously with water until advised to stop by Poisons information centre or doctor. If contact with skin occurs, wash thoroughly.